Truly seeing, my blind contour drawing

I suppose I have hesitated to write this post for a variety of reasons, partly out of fear and partly because I have been unable to find the appropriate words to describe my blind contour drawing experience. Although I learned several things: how I only can draw vertically with my left hand, how i am easily excitable, how i like calm soothing music while doing blind contour drawings, I learned something far more valuable than was expected.

In the second portion of the class, when we chose to draw something other than our hands, I chose to draw a classmate.  While drawing her something unexpected happened. A sort of emotional transference. Through the action of simply seeing her without the expectation of reproducing anything visually pleasing, I began to truly see this individual. Not only did this task of drawing her take on an entirely new meaning, it became emotional and perhaps intimate, as though I began to see something that had been hidden and unseen by myself or  anyone… The act of drawing someone is an intimate experience, perhaps more for the artist than the subject, because through our truly seeing the other, we begin to truly see our lack of sight, our lack of comprehension of the complex nuance of the individual experience… its wonder and incomprehensible nature.


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